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Product Leadership Stances ™

Product Leadership is an organizational capability that inhabits many facets and dimensions of work. It includes all roles that contribute their knowledge and expertise to creating and evolving a product or service.

There are so many dynamic complexities associated with the roles’ expectations that it can be overwhelming. It is no wonder those who are simultaneously able to…

Maximize business value

Effectively and creatively navigate the ever-changing landscape of product insights

Cultivate generative customer-centric relationships

Strategically mobilize teams toward an inspiring vision

Stay grounded in data-driven decisions to support systemic change

can truly be seen as the unicorns of the modern product/service world! 


The Product Leadership Stances™ is a meta-model that helps make sense of these inherent complexities in Product Management. It offers six distinct sets of lens perspectives that must be attended to for product leadership to be effective. ​It encapsulates the natural synergies and tensions that exist between them and surfaces the shadow side of leaning in too far into a single stance.



This site is home to the thought leadership on the Stances of Product Leadership™ and serves as a portal to our product offerings.


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to develop the leadership skills and capacities to attend to all of these stances inservice of leading as champions of holistic value and ethical leadership!

Visionary Stance


Storyteller Stance


Strategist Stance


Customer Advocate Stance


Systems Thinker Stance


Value Navigator Stance


Meet the Creators


Anjali Leon

Agility and Product Coach and Trainer

Anjali Leon is an independent Agility, Product, and Professional Coach, Collaboration Facilitator, and Trusted Strategic Advisor. She brings her years of experience in technology, leadership, and Agile to help her clients adapt, innovate, and thrive in the new normal business environment - where the meaning of ‘winning’ is quickly being redefined as a better balance between achieving business outcomes and upholding our collective well-being. Her mission is to awaken new possibilities by helping people develop the skills and capacities for the changing world of work and by asking better questions that connect people to people, the planet, and purpose. She brings a holistic head, heart, and hands approach to her work through her coaching and consulting practice PPL Coach.

Anjali is an accredited trainer through ICAgile and ProKanban. She is a trained co-active coach and a committed life-long learner. Recognized as an inspiring speaker and community organizer, Anjali is also the founder of Empowering South Florida Women in Agile and a member of ProKanban advisory board.

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Nadezhda Belousova

Integral Master Coach™ and Business Agility Strategist

Nadezhda Belousova is an Integral Master Coach™ and an independent Enterprise Business Agility Strategist who deeply cares about high-performing scalable businesses with human-centric approach and sustainability at heart. She brings a combination of psychology, multiple professional coaching approaches (ORSC, Solution-Focused coaching, Clean Language, etc.), years of extensive hands-on consulting experience in various industries, and a can-do-all mindset. Nadezhda sees organizations holistically as living systems and enables them to unleash their potential - to evolve, to re-invent themselves, to thrive. She runs a boutique organizational coaching and management consulting practice serving her clients worldwide from Berlin, Germany.


Nadezhda is a mentor, speaker and a passionate contributor to a number of professional communities (European Organizational Design Forum, Agile Alliance, Business Agility Institute, Integral Coaching® Consortium, etc.).

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Nadezhda Belousova

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